EXPOFORUM Exhibition Company (Minsk, Belarus) informs that:
- the Mulpor Company S.A., based in London, UK;
- the Mulpor Company S.A., based in Araucana 1277 - CP - 11400 Montevideo – Uruguay;
- MULPOR Company S.R.L., based in Calle 5 La Paz, Local No.2 Entre Av. 6 y 8 C.P. 20101 Alajuela – COSTA RICA
and owner/s IFD (International Fairs Directory) and website are companies TOTALLY UNRELATED to the EXPOFORUM Exhibition Company


In connection with the closure of borders by most European and CIS countries and measures taken to curb the rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic throughout the world, as well as in connection with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus dated by 16.03.2020 No. 7-19 / 92, EXPOFORUM Exhibition Company forced to make a decision to reschedule some international specialized exhibitions to a later date.