Belarusian Industrial and Investment Forum

17.09.2019 - 20.09.2019

Roofed Soccer Arena, 20/2 Pobediteley av., Minsk, Belarus


Outcomes of the Belarusian Industrial Forum and the Exhibition ‘TechInnoProm’

In recent years the Belarusian Industrial Forum gained the image of international festival for science, outstanding technologies, and effective industrial manufacturing achievements. It became an extensive platform for impactful business meetings and international collaboration.

More than 200 domestic industrial enterprises, science institutions, small business organizations took part in the Forum this year. The permanent partners of the Event are the representatives of famous foreign firms and companies.

The guests of the Belarusian Industrial Forum were the delegations and officials from 19 countries, 11 regions of the Russian Federation.

More than 30 industrial enterprises and science centers performed the latest products and innovations at the collective expositions of 5 Russian regions.

The participants of the ‘TechInnoProm’ Exhibition were 245 international companies, enterprises and firms from Belarus, Denmark, China, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden.

More than 3000 specialists including official delegations visited the Exhibition and took part in the Exhibition Events.

The list of delegations:

  • Orenburg oblast delegation chaired by governor Yury Berg;
  • Kaluga oblast delegation chaired by deputy governor Dmitry Denisov;
  • Sverdlovsk oblast delegation chaired by the first deputy governor Alexey Orlov;
  • Bryansk oblast delegation chaired by deputy governor Galina Petushkova;
  • Krasnodar city delegation chaired by deputy head of the city Dmitry Logvinenko;
  • Ufa city delegation chaired by deputy head of the city Ilgiz Nasirtdinov
  • Novosibirsk city delegation chaired by town council head of Industry, innovates and entrepreneurship department Alexander Lyulko;
  • The Republic of Tatarstan Machine Building cluster delegation chaired by the first deputy chairman of the board Almira Hafizovna;
  • 'Roslegprom' P JSC delegation (Moscow) chaired by CEO Alexander Kruglik;
  • The Ukrainian Union of Industrials and Entrepreneurs delegation chaired by CEO Anatoly Kinah;
  • International congress of Industrials and Entrepreneurs chaired by deputy council chairman Valery Kazyulin;
  • Moldavian National Congress of Industrials and Entrepreneurs delegation chaired by Association president Congress member Alexander Metryuk;
  • As well as officials, representatives of science and business from China, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, representatives of diplomatic corps accredited in the Republic of Belarus.

Outcomes of the Belarusian Industrial Forum business agenda - 2018

Within the Belarusian Industrial Forum business agenda 32 events were prepared and performed:

  • Plenary session 'Belarus – place of East and West integration. Future development of industrial potential of the Republic'. 
  • 10 sectional sessions of international symposium ‘Technologies. Equipment. Quality’.
  • Fair of innovates developments.
  • International theoretical-practical symposium ‘Prospects of additive technologies development in the Republic of Belarus’.
  • Conference ‘Marketing B2B – integrator of domestic industrial potential development’.
  • Conference ‘Electronic trade platforms’ Belarusian universal commodity exchange JCS – an effective tool of trading activity’.
  • Cooperation exchange ‘Science and Industry – strategy of innovative cooperation’.
  • Subcontractor exchange in Industry.
  • 14 seminars and presentations of Exhibition participants.
  • Belarusian Welders’ championship with international participation and specialized Exhibition-presentation ‘ProWeld’.

Plenary session preparations were implemented under the guidance of the Ministry of Economy. Leader of Plenary session: deputy Minister of Economy Yury Chebotai. Moderator: the member of Highest coordination council of the Republic entrepreneurship confederation, director of ‘Business Development center’ LLC Naum Kats.

77 transactors took part in the Subcontractor exchange. 43 of participants were contractors and 34 – subcontractors. 150 business negotiations rounds were implemented. The organizer of the Event is the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus together with the Belarusian fund of entrepreneurs support. The exchange members interconnected with the representatives of ‘National agency for development of local content NADloC’ SC  (Kazakhstan Republic), Machine Building cluster of the Republic of Tatarstan, HulanickiBednarek Sp.z.o.o. (Poland Republic), Russian Trade Mission in the Republic of Belraus.

Contact Exchange ‘Science and Industry – the strategy of innovative cooperation’.

The Exchange agenda included 2 parts:

1. Foresight-session, within that the invited experts together with participants discussed about the most perspective trends of joint researching and forms of cooperation between the science, research, and industrial sectors. 80 persons took part in the session. 5 experts made their reports.

2. Interactive session for direct negotiations between the technologies creators and enterprises representatives – the potential customers of scientific and technical developments.

In all with the frames of the Interactive exchange 60 technological offers from 17 scientific and science-technical organizations were presented. More than 30 enterprises and organizations of the Republic of Belarus visited the Exchange. Among the visitors were the representatives of such companies as Belshina’ JSC, ‘ Vavilov Minsk mechanical factory’ JSC, ‘Minsk motor plant’, ‘Borisovdrev’ JSC, ‘Gomselmash’ JSC, ‘Grodno Azot’ JSC, ‘SvetlogorskKhimvolokno’ JSC, ‘Lidakhleboproduct’ JSC, and etc. 95 persons took place in the Exchange, 40 negotiations were implemented, 9 agreements reached.