Mom and Baby

12.10.2018 - 14.10.2018

Exhibition pavilion, 14 Pobediteley av., Minsk, Belarus


Exhibiting options and fees

  • Registration fee – 60 (+VAT)
  • Unequipped exhibition space from 6 sq. m., EUR – 40 (+VAT)
  • Equipped exhibition space from 6 sq. m., EUR – 55 (+VAT)
  • Open exhibition space (outside the pavilion), 1 sq. m. – 20 (+VAT)
  • Accreditation of one promoter from company participating with stand – 125 (+VAT) / without stand – 250 (+VAT)
  • Partnership


  • Exhibitors that rent more than 18 sq. m. of indoor exhibition area get 20% discount from the rent cost of base unequipped area.

Booking indoor unequipped area, you book a bare space with no wall partitions. You can build your own stand or order stand design at our accredited stand construction company. Check the options you may have here. Minimum stand size – 6 sq. m.

Indoor equipped area includes: the value of unequipped exhibition area (only bare floor), and the cost of complex stand construction from the system exhibition equipment (with frieze panel without inscription), 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 single spotlight for every 4 sq. m., 1 plug socket 220V, 1 waste basket. Minimal stand area is 6 sq. m.

Outdoor unequipped area is reserved for design installations or portable/mobile stands.

Accredited of 1 representative from company without stand includes: 1 exhibition catalogue with company’s profile (text up to 300 symbols), logo, contacts, and 1 permanent pass.

Every exhibitor is asked to pay a registration fee, which is 60 EUR excluding VAT and includes: general expenses for the organization of the exhibition and its program, general exhibition advertising, company information publishing on the Organizer’s web-site, 3 Exhibitor’s badges, and 1 password for Wi-Fi Internet access for 1 device.

Partnership. We invite you to become the Partner of the exhibition-forum Mom and Baby. Terms of partnership, content and cost of partner packages are developed and agreed individually. Please, contact the Organizer for more information.

Take part in the exhibition!

Terms of participation and application forms can be downloaded  here