Mom and Baby

12.10.2017 - 15.10.2017

Exhibition pavilion, 14 Pobediteley av., Minsk, Belarus


Fair profile

MOM and BABY is annual family urban festivity timed to Mother’s Day – 14th of October.

It is both central exhibition event reflecting tendencies in the market of goods and services for parents and children and synthesis of specialized exhibition, interactive presentations, educational and entertaining programs and projects as well.
One of unique projects of the exhibition is 4th Twins festival ‘Double happiness’.

Dates: October 12-15, 2017
Venue: Exhibition pavilion, 14 Pobediteley av., Minsk, Belarus

Organizer: EXPOFORUM Exhibition Company jointly with Minsk City Executive Committee

Whom the exhibition need to:

  • Companies-producers, wholesale and retail trade companies, enterprises working in the market of services for parents and children.
  • Suppliers of goods and services, IT and methods for educational support in nursery and daycare facilities and additional education institutions.
  • Mobile operators and Internet providers, financial institutions.
  • Institutions of additional education, children's leisure and health improvement.
  • Representatives of special bureau giving support to young families (social protection, education, health care, justice).

Five reasons to participate in the exhibition

1. To demonstrate production and services to visitors.
2. To use all the instruments and possibilities of full-scale advertising campaign realizing by Organizers.
3. To take advantage of fairground for creation personal contacts with competitors, colleagues, partners and customers.
4. To take opportunities of interactive areas of the exhibition for demonstrating of production, testing of services and products, market research.
5. To exploit instruments of business program aimed at specialists of nursery and daycare facilities, primary schools and parents for experience exchange, IT promotion, educational methods, innovative processes, in the sphere of elementary, primary and additional education.

Exhibition visitors

  • Young couples that are planning the creation of own family
  • Pregnant women, future parents
  • Nursing mothers with babes in arms
  • Young families, parents, grandparents with children of preschool and school age
  • Retailers of goods and services for parents and children
  • Experts of educational institutions
  • Representatives from governmental institutions of health, family affairs, and social protection

Figures and facts ‘2016

1000 sq. m. of exposition area
70 Exhibitors
7467 Visitors including 500 specialists of nursery and daycare facilities

More than 100 arrangements on 5 interactive areas
175 twins pair, including 11 triplet babies on the Twins festival ‘Double happiness’

Interactive areas and functional zones

  • THE MAIN EXHIBITION SPACE in B2B/B2C format with ability of retail trade for mothers and children from the best Belarusian and international brands
  • FAMILY CONSULTING CENTER: free consultations from specialists on wide range of questions
  • FOODCORT – food area and tastings of new foodstuff for parents and children
  • ZONE OF TRAININGS, SEMINARS, AND MASTER-CLASSES for specialists of educational institutions (Conference hall for 150 sits)
  • PLAYING SPORT ZONE – ground for active games, sport master-classes, and competitions
  • SKILFUL WHY-CHILDREN: zone of master-classes on handicraft, applied arts from children’s centers and masters-craftsmen
  • KIDS-AREA «A TOT» – playing ground for children from 0 to 3
  • BABY PIT STOP – swaddle-room, rest-room for mothers and babies, and parking for prams
  • BEAUTY ZONE for mothers and daughters
  • MOTHER’S SCHOOL – educational program for parents, joint lessons for mothers and children, master-classes from pedagogues, doctors, psychologists
  • CENTRAL PR-AREA – location of different solemn ceremonies, competitions, shows, presentations. Participants and Partners are: producers, suppliers, and sellers of goods for parents and children, centers of pre-school education and forwardness

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