Frequently asked questions

A. FAQs about exhibiting and advertising

A.1 I am an Exhibitor, how can I claim a discount?

For those exhibiting for the first time we offer promotional packages. Please refer to the event’s application form for detailed fairs.

Clients exhibiting in more than 2 events organized by EXPOFORUM during the same year, get 5% up to 40% discount from unequipped area depending on the event and total area booked. This type of discount is individual, please contact the event's Project manager for more details.

Our regular clients exhibiting over 3 times at the same event may claim a discount from 5% to 20% from unequipped area depending on the space booked. Please contact the event's Project manager for more details.

A.2 Can I sell my goods during the show?

According to Belarusian law, it is not allowed for a foreign company to sell its goods during the trade fair unless it has an official trade representative registered in the Republic of Belarus.

A.3 I’d like to have an individual stand design…

Exposervice, Ltd is an official stand construction company, accredited for all the exhibitions held by EXPOFORUM Exhibition Company. For ordering your individual stand design at Exposervice, Ltd, please contact our Equipment engineer.

All the third-party stand construction companies will be charged with a 30% fee based on the unequipped stand unit.

If you are building a stand on your own, you are not charged with additional fees, but requested to provide the stand plan to our Equipment engineer for approval in advance.

A.4 Can you guarantee the safety of my exhibits during the show?

EXPOFORUM guarantees the safety of your exhibits only at night when the hall is closed for visitors. The safety of your exhibits during the opening hours is your personal responsibility.

A.5 I need help with cargo forwarding and customs clearance for my exhibits…

If you require transport, cargo forwarding or customs clearance services please refer to Vistavochniy Expeditor Unitary Enterprise, which is officially accredited by EXPOFORUM.
Contact: Natalia Pavlovich
Tel./fax: (+375 17) 361 03 51

A.6 What advertising options may I have?

EXPOFORUM offers a wide range of advertising opportunities which differ depending on the show (please refer to page 6 of the event’s application form for more details).

Please note that according to Belarusian law, foreign companies are not allowed to advertise out of the venue unless they have a representative, officially registered in the Republic of Belarus. 

B. FAQs about visiting, travel and stay

B.1 I want to visit one of your shows, how do I book a ticket?

Most of our shows are free to the public, but registration is still required for the statistics purposes. You can fill in the online visitor’s registration form, choosing the show you’re interested in. Print your e-ticket or save it on your portable device. Registration is also possible at the venue. 

B.2 Do I need a visa to attend your show?

Please click here to find out if you need to apply for Belarusian visa. You can apply for Belarusian visa in advance at Consular sections or Diplomatic Representative offices of Belarus in your country of residence, otherwise at the Consular Centre of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Minsk Airport.

B.3 Can I request an invitation letter to apply for Belarusian visa?

If you are exhibiting with EXPOFORUM, organizing an event in the course of our exhibitions, or visiting Belarus for the purpose of business collaboration with our company, you can request an invitation letter, but not later than a week before intended date of arrival. We do not provide visa support to visitors not mentioned above, instead please refer to Vokrug Sveta Travel Agency, which is officially accredited by EXPOFORUM.
Contact: Olga Kononova
Tel.:+375 17 226 83 92

B.4 How do I reach Minsk and where do I stay?

You can get to Minsk by plane, by train, by car or by bus. There are different accommodation options in Minsk: private apartments, hotels, villas, guesthouses, etc. If you require help with organizing your travel and accommodation, please refer to Vokrug Sveta Travel Agency.

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