Special exposition of innovative materials and technologies IMTECH: Belarusian State University of informatics and radio electronics presents scientific and technical development – contactless radio wave vibration detector RVS-36P

Within 20th international exhibition TechInniProm.

Directions to the venue: joint booth “Ministry of education of Belarus”.

Technical capabilities of detector RVS-36P: contactless; continuous remote control, monitoring and diagnostics of object parameters performing linear mechanical vibrations, movements and / or rotation; non-destructive testing without stopping and disassembling the unit; with functions of a level meter in oil and gas storage facilities.

Application: industry, power engineering, gas and oil industry, radar, military.

Advantages: high sensitivity, measurement accuracy, resolving power; operation in the absence of direct optical visibility, in various temperature and other physical conditions, without stopping and dismantling the unit.

Versions: general industrial and explosion-proof designs.